In a world dominated by larger and more
powerful races, the smaller races of the world
have learned a means of fighting that allows them
to even the scales.   These smaller races call it
the giant slayer style, but the rest of the world
calls them gutter fighters because of the devious
means these races have devised for killing larger
opponents.   The Gutter Fighter style may only be
learned by races 4 feet or shorter.   Typically one
will encounter hobbit, gnome and darvoth gutter
fighters.  One can often encounter smaller NPC
races that are lead by gutter fighters.  While
dwarves could learn the style, most avoid this
style because of the dastardly tactics that Gutter
Fighters employ.  Gutter Fighters gain the
following ability each rank:
+1 to damage at ranks 4, 6 & 8. +2% to strike chance with primary weapon, +3% to defense per rank when
battling opponents twice the height of the Gutter Fighter, +4% if the opponent is three times or taller.

Rank 1:  Knee-capper -10% -2 damage, opponents TMR is ½ for the number of pulses equal to FT damage.

Rank 3: Groin Shot -15% to hit, if the gutter fighter successfully penetrates armor the opponent is able to make
only half his or her normal attacks per pulse for 6 pulses, 3 pulses if they posses resist pain.  

Rank 5: Slippery as an eel, the Gutter Fighter can jump between the legs of an opponent by rolling under 3 X
AG.  If successful the Gutter Fighter dodged between the legs of an opponent and is able to come out behind the
opponent, change facing and make one strike.  If the Gutter Fighter won IV then they may back attack the
opponent, other wise the opponent will change facing, but only benefit from ½ of defense because of surprise.  
By rolling under 3 X AG the Gutter Fighter may slip out of close combat with a larger opponent.    Extra strike with
primary weapon.

Rank 7: Hamstrung -20%, Gutter strikes hits opponent directly in the knee and if the hit penetrates the opponent
is reduced to half TMR and must roll under 3 X AG when they move to avoid having the leg go out from
underneath them.  

Rank 8: Feign Death, No one expects much of a fight out of a runt, so Gutter Fighters capitalize on the arrogance
of larger foes by playing dead for one pulse.  The Gutter Fighter falls prone and must remain there for the
following pulse.  The following pulse (2nd one after falling “dead”) the Gutter Fighter may do an ambush of their
opponent by quickly standing up and attacking in one pulse.  Opponent will only benefit from ½ of their normal
defense, and will loose IV the pulse that the Gutter Fighter “comes back to life.”  This move may only be done
once in a combat, if attempted twice you can be sure that other opponents will do their best to remove the head
of the Gutter Fighter

Rank 9: Scale the Mountain, Gutter fighter is able to jump on the larger opponent in close combat while still using
a one handed melee weapon,  the Gutter Fighter must roll under 4 X MD to “climb” up the opponent.  The
opponent may only use close combat weapons while the gutter fighter may still use melee weapon.  Opponents
may throw the Gutter Fighter off of them if they roll under 3 X MD – the AG of the Gutter Fighter.  Extra strike with
primary weapon

Rank 10: Swarm of bees, the Gutter Fighter must scale the mountain successfully and will attack for maximum
damage.   The Gutter fighter is also able to apply double their AG for defensive purposes in close combat.